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Matt and Kim's Wedding

A creative, quirky, fun, intimate fete with an adorable kitten thrown in the mix = wedding awesomeness.

Kim and Matt were married a few weeks ago at Salvage One in Chicago.  Their sweet little handcrafted wedding with beautiful DIY details was to die for.  With  music by the talented crew of Toast & Jam and amazing food by the Hearty Boys, Kim and Matt's wedding was predestined for great things.

As many of you know, Jake and I have a huge heart for rescue animals, so when a stray cat showed up at the venue, we were heartbroken to have to leave him behind.  A few days later, we were given a huge reason to adore Salvage One even more than we already did.  We learned that they took responsibility for the homeless cat, brought him to the vet for shots and a check up, made an appointment for him to be fixed AND found him a new family!  Now, that's reason right there to make them my all-time favorite venue in Chicago!!  Go Salvage One for not ignoring a problem and giving a scrawny stray cat a chance at a new life! You all rock!

And now, please enjoy some of our favorite images from Matt and Kim's day:

-Jake and Jennifer