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Lizzie and John's Wedding

Lizzie and John had an awesome wedding at a New Leaf in Chicago!  As Jake and I were getting ready to leave, I was talking to the two of them and told them that I had NEVER heard so much laughter at a wedding before. And it was true.

John is a comedian, so I expected a couple of yuks and giggles throughout the day.  But, I honestly had a hard time remember to hold the camera up to my face and take photos a few times -- I just wanted to listen and join in on the laughs!

From the Yoda ring bearer and the officiant, to the surprise appearance by the "Commander in Chief", the whole day was basically one long, intimate and hilarious routine.


And what was most apparent was that as much as John was the funny one cracking the jokes, Lizzie was there laughing.  She has a great laugh, and the two of them are adorable together.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from their day:

We loved working with you two!

-Jennifer and Jake