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Anna and Greg's Wedding

Brace yourselves for an outstandingly beautiful wedding (and many, many photos)! Anna and Greg were married this past weekend, and we were honored to be a part of their day.  When we met them for the first time, we knew this was going to be a spectacular wedding - and we were thrilled when they decided we were a perfect fit for their day.  We were correct about their wedding being spectacular, by the way, every gorgeous detail was well thought out, and the day flew by!

We hired our good friend, Nicholas Holstein - who is a local photojournalist - as an extra set of eyes for this wedding.  We are so glad we did - his contribution to this wedding was priceless.  We are absolutely blown away by his images and the extra viewpoint he provided.

Anna and Greg were married at the Covenant Presbyterian Church in Chicago, and held their reception at the Congress Plaza Hotel on Michigan Avenue.  We started the day out at the Hotel and then went to a few sites around the city including the Art Institute and the Cancer Survivor Park.

The day ran smoothly and without any noticeable hitches, Anna and Greg were so laid back and easy to work with -- it was an absolute pleasure to be with them every step of the way.

I had such a hard time narrowing down the images from their day, and I got a bit carried away.  Please click the button below to view all the photos -- Enjoy!

I know that was an eye full -- but it was such a pretty eye full, wasn't it??  :)

Once again, Anna and Greg, thank you so much for having us as a part of your day.  We enjoyed every minute!

And, to our fabulous extra shooter, Nick - thank you for the fantastic contribution!  Your files are beautiful!

-Jake and Jennifer