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Abby and Chad's Wedding

Abby and Chad's wedding has the premier distinction of going down as one of my FAVORITE weddings of all time.  Really.  Not just because I was in it (as the Matron of Honor).  Not just because they let us choose our own dresses.  Not just because they served my favorite food at the reception. Not just because they had amazing locations to shoot at, or because the music they played was the bomb. C'mon. Their wedding was goes down as one of my favorite weddings of all time because of all the aforementioned reasons, PLUS the fact that Abby and Chad are really, truly, and undeniably, M.F.E.O -- made for each other.  Their wedding was an extension of themselves.  Every detail, every last bit of their wedding was crafted and planned with precision.  The hours that were spent cutting, sewing and piecing together every single fabric flower and the months saving wine bottles for center-pieces all came together and Abby and Chad's vision was complete.

It was truly beautiful.

We started off our day at the Burr Oak B&B in Kankakee, where we all primped and readied ourselves.  We enjoyed delicious pastries from Fritz' Pastry shop in Chicago and from there we moved into portraits.  The beautiful bride and her groom were so fun to work with -- we could have shot at some of these locations all day!

We worked with a blend of digital photography, a few toy cameras, an antique camera (or two) and a polaroid.

Just for good measure.

One of the many things I love about Abby and Chad is how they make each other laugh.  All day long, they were smiling and laughing.  At each other, with each other.  They constantly had smiles on their faces.  It was so refreshing.  As Abby looks at Chad you can see the adoration in her eyes, and a little twinkle as she digest the last inside joke he whispered in her ear.  The mutual respect they have for each other is immediately apparent and you won't see a man look at his wife sweeter than Chad looks at Abby.

Like I said, M.F.E.O.

Abby and Chad, your ceremony was so touching.  The reading from the Veleteen Rabbit was beautiful and your vows were just right.  Even though it started to rain during your ceremony, the giant trees kept us dry and the thoughtfulness of every spoken word, truly kept us warm.

Ok, I'll stop with the cheesiness soon, I PROMISE!  I just really mean every word.  I gush, I gush!

We had a blast at the reception.  It was held at Chad's parents' home.  Their beautiful backyard was the perfect setting for the laid-back picnic vibe -- the dancing was off the hook, and as I said before, their music was fantastic.  Abby and Chad made all the cupcakes that were served.  My personal favorite were the pumpkin chocolate chip.

I am posting this last photo because of my insane jealousy of the wedding gift from Abby's boss, Bill Marhoefer.  Abby,  if someone ever breaks into your house and the only thing missing is this -- don't come looking for me, as I have already fled the country.   Ok, Mr & Mrs "Smear"  congratulations, once again, from the both of us.  We are so thrilled for you two.  We loved being a part of your day.  It meant so much to me that you asked me to be your Matron of Honor... I don't know if I fully expressed how special that made me feel.    And as your photographers, thank you for giving us a chance to work with you!  We had a blast, and love what we came away with!

See you around the 'hood.

Jake and Jennifer